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Board support

Company Matters know what our needs are. We are more of a team and we have put in a lot of time into the relationship so we have a strong relationship with open communication.

FTSE 250, Group Company Secretary

A number of our clients engage us to support their board and committee meetings:

  • Attend board and committee meetings in a minute-taking and advisory capacity
  • Co-ordinate, produce and dispatch meeting agendas and board packs
  • Set up and maintain corporate calendar, including reporting deadlines and meetings schedule
  • Advise on UK corporate governance and industry best practice
  • Guide the annual board evaluation process
  • Manage PDMRs and Directors' dealing process and insider lists
  • Act as central point of contact for the Board, other service providers and shareholders
  • Ensure the company complies with the UK Listing Rules and Disclosure, Guidance & Transparency Rules (DTRs) and Market Abuse Regulation or AIM rules
  • Provide Link Company Matters Limited as named company secretary
  • Provide registered office if the decision is taken to base the company in England

A highly professional and positive engagement – thank you!

Richard McCarthy, Chair, Smart DCC

Outsourced company secretarial

Board support

Corporate Governance

Statutory and regulatory compliance

Your IPO and other corporate actions

Other support